The V8 Hotel: A gearhead's dream

Planning on visiting Stuttgart anytime soon? No? Well maybe this will make you want to hop on a plane and check it out. The V8 Hotel is an automotive themed hotel located just outside Germany's 6th largest city on the site of a former airport. There are 34 total rooms, including 10 themed rooms, four single rooms, 19 double rooms, and even a tower suite with its very own kitchen, sauna, and a private rooftop deck. Still not impressed? How about an auto museum on site too? Oh, and let's not forget the breakfast cafe, American-style steakhouse and onsite brewpub. Surprisingly it's not as expensive as you might think–single rooms start at 135 euro (about $190.) There are much less interesting hotels that cost more than that…

Have you bought your ticket yet?

The V8 Hotel